Pils iela 25A, Alūksne, LV-4301


Alūksne Bānītis station

Through life stories and scenes from various centuries in photos and videos. Multimedia exposition opened since 1st of September 2018. You will DISCOVER facts about the railway’s history. You will HEAR 10 unique train station stories. You will SEE, whos friend, helper, workplace and inspiration source the narrow–gauge train has been. You will SEEK for the answer, what the narrow-gauge train means to You…

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E-mail: stacijasskunis@gmail.com

Address: 52 Jankalna Street, Alūksne

Alūksne Museum

The palace was built between 1860 and 1864 according to the order of Baron Alexander von Vietinghoff. Alūksne New Palace is one of the most outstanding late Tudor neo-Gothic style architectural monuments in Latvia. The palace was owned by the Vietinghoff Family till the Agrarian Reform in 1920. Since 1959, when Alūksne Museum was founded, visit the exibitions, educational programmes and activities, organized by Alūksne Museum, you will get acquainted with the curtural and histirical heritage of the Alūksne region

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E-mail: muzejs.info@aluksne.lv

Address: 74 Pils street, Alūksne


Kalncempji Rural District Viktors Ķirps Ate Museum

Close to the border of Alūksne and Gulbene regions, enclosed by the splash of Otte mill waters, there is a rich Vidzeme farmhouse – Viktors Ķirps Ate museum, where you can see agricultural machinery, harness, saddles and other things for horses, several internal combustion engines, tools of craftsmen and farmers. The exposition contains more than 5,000 items housed in an ancient Latvian farmstead with 11 different buildings.

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E-mail: atesmuzejs.aluksne.lv

Address: Ates dzirnavas, Anna parish, Alūksne district

Jaunlaicene Estate Museum

Jaunlaicene estate museum together with the local society studies, collects, preserves and popularizes the heritage of history and culture of both – Jaunlaicene estate and Opekalns parish. The museum, joyfully and emotionally, tells about the lives of the local people and the barons, Opekalns church and its parish.

Phone: +371 29356277, +371 22415419

E-mail: jaunlaicenesmuzejs@aluksne.lv

Address: “Dravnieki”, Jaunlaicene parish, Alūksne region

Ernst Glück Bible Museum

The museum invites its visitors to get acquainted with the history of the Bible from the very first Latvian translation to the modern editions. In the museum you can see the Bibles in 40 different languages as well as various sermon and church song books. There is also an opportunity to read texts in old Latvian print and study the development of the language through the centuries.

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E-mail: bibeles.muzejs@inbox.lv

Address: 25A Pils Street, Alūksne

Nature Museum "Vides labirints" ("Nature Labyrinth")

First, you get acquainted with the songs of birds, the entrails of the earth and experience the touch of the waters, and then you arrive at the miracles of the world.

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E-mail: aldis.verners@inbox.lv

Address: 74 Pils street, Alūksne


Honey museum "Mišas"

Private beekeeping museum, that collects and restores ancient beekeeping inventory and photographs, and researches historical evidence of beekeeping traditions in Latvia. Visitors to the museum can see an exposition of ancient beekeeping equipment, watch educational films about beekeeping and get acquainted with the life of bees in person in the museum’s apiary.

Phone: +371 26699005

E-mail: info@medusmuzejs.lv

Address: “Mišas”, Veclaicene parish, Alūksne region

Zeltiņi Museum

Here you can travel in time – view the uniforms of different armies, the “Red Corner”, household objects from the soviet and pre-soviet times. There is also a classroom – the witness of the lives of different school children. Great possibility to linger in memories, for the new generation – to see the world in a different light.

Phone: +371 25745577 

E-mail: bibl.zeltini@aluksne.lv

Address: “Skola”, Zeltiņi parish, Alūksne region

Former Soviet Army Military Base in Zeltiņi

The top secret former military object still keeps a lot of unknown and thrilling information. Don’t believe the legends – you must see it! And don’t forget to take a flashlight with you.

Phone: +371 25745577 

E-mail: bibl.zeltini@aluksne.lv

Address: “Skola”, Zeltiņi parish, Alūksne region

The memorial workshop and exhibition hall in commemoration of the painter, Jānis Selga at "Senpils"

The residential place and paintings of Jānis Selga, the Spidzenieki castle mound (sanctuaries) and sightseeing in the surroundings.

Phone: +371 26363791, +371 20225763

E-mail: selja1@inbox.lv

Address: “Senpils”, Alsviķi parish, Alūksne region

Dr. A.Misiņš Medicine History Museum

The museu, named after Dr.A. Misiņš-a famous doctor in Alūksne. The building of the museum was his property and private clinic which also provided medical treatment for those who had suffered in the town fire in 1940. The museum offers to view the exhibits of medical support many years ago, the stories about doctors and nurses in Alūksne, Ape region, information of healthy lifestyle.

Phone: +371 26140567

E-mail: med.muzejs@gmail.com

Address: 1 Raiņa Boulevard, Alūksne

Veclaicene Rural District Museum

Veclaicene rural district museum is located at Korneti. It stores the materials on Veclaicene nature, its people, history, ethnography and education.

Phone: +371 29347398

E-mail: veclaicenesmuzejs@aluksne.lv

Address: “Vaiņagi”, Korneti, Veclaicene parish, Alūksne region

Pededze Rural District Museum

You have to take only one step in to House of culture Pededze, to feel the ancient life, to taste the dishes prepared accordingly to ancient recipes. You will certainly gain invaluable experience from the past, the diversity of traditions of many years. As in ancient tales and legends, you can challenge yourself with mind and power.

Phone: +371 29176039

E-mail: pededzesmuzejs@aluksne.lv

Address: Pededze parish, Alūksne region

Beja Local History Centre

Beja Local History centre was opened in 1987 when Beja school celebrated its 120th anniversary. You can learn about the history of Beja through old photos, documents and household objects. In 2010, the Ancient handicraft workshop was formed there. Anyone can learn to spin and twist wool, as well as to weave, to crochet, to make decoupages and candles.

Phone: +371 25664432

E-mail: bejasmuzejs@aluksne.lv

Address: Beja School, Beja, Jaunalūksne parish, Alūksne region