Pils iela 25A, Alūksne, LV-4301


Lake Raipals Trail


Lake Raipals trail offers the walkers  2-hour-long dynamic hiking of 7.5 km along the shores of 3 lakes. Lake Raipals nature trail is 7.5 km long, and it runs along three picturesque lakes of Alūksne highland. The lakes have shaped at the end of the Ice Age when the under-glacier melting water carved Korneti-Peļļi valley. The  deepest parts of the valley are the lakes. The trail starts at the bus stop Korneti at Korneti village, Veclaicene rural district. More info.

Peļļi trail, Ilgājs-Money stone trail


Peļļi trail offers 9.5 km long exciting hiking (approximately 4-5 hours) or a bike trip (approximately 2-3 hours) along forest paths and countryside roads, hillocks and valleys, along 7 lakes, crossing the border of Latvia and Estonia twice. 
Ilgājs-Money stone trail offers 4.5 km long thrilling hiking (approximately 1.5-2 hours). More info.

Lake trail


The LAKE TRAIL (6 km, 12 km)– starts at the recreational centre ‘’Jaunsētas’’ and winds along the shore of Lake Alūksne up to the territory of NAF Infantry school. You can travel the trail on foot or by mountain bikes as the trail has different surfacing – gravel, broken stones and asphalt.  

Sightseeing  places: the sightseeing tower, Temple Hill, the Lutheran church, the New palace, the Palace park, the Alexander pavilion, the Obelisk, the Aeolus temple, the monument to the 7th Sigulda Infantry regiment.




The BICYCLE ROUTE ALONG THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES OF ALŪKSNE (10 km) leads along the main street to the peninsula of Lake Alūksne and on the Lake trail, visits Castle Island, goes through the Palace park up to Pleskavas street along which it takes you back to the centre of the town passing the New Palace and the fountains and finishes at the Bible museum. 

Sightseeing places: the Lutheran church, Glück’s oaks and the Priest’s manor house, the Big Cemetery, the Sightseeing tower, Temple Hill, the boat cabins, the Lakeshore Palace, Castle Island and Livonia Order castle ruins, the Palace Park, the Alexander Pavilion and the Aeolus Temple, NAF Infantry school, the New Palace and fountains. 


PALACES AND ROUTES AROUND ALŪKSNE (20 km, 40 km) – the route leads from Alsviķi through Alūksne and Kolberģis to Lāzberģis and it is also possible to cover it by bicycle. 

Sightseeing places: Alsviķi estate, the Priest’s estate and Glück’s oaks, the Lakeshore Palace, the Livonia Order castle ruins, the New Palace and park, Helēna Palace and Lāzberģis estate ruins.   



AROUND LAKE ALŪKSNE (21 km) – the route goes on asphalt and gravel surface and in some places it is very close to the shore of Lake Alūksne.  You can cover the route by car, by bicycle or on foot. 

The landmarks of the route: the shopping centre “Maxima’’, Alūksne New Palace and park, the resting area “Zirgu dzirdinātava” (Horse watering place), the guest house “Lāzberģa muiža” (Lāzberģis estate), the swimming place “Šūpalas”, T-junction Alūksne/Ziemeri, the recreation centre “Ziemeri”, T-junction Alūksne/Māriņkalns.  


SPORTS BICYCLE ROUTE IN ALŪKSNE (19 km) – the rout leads along the streets of Alūksne, along the former railway line, around Lake Pullans, through the garden area “Kalnadruvas”, along Lake Alūksne and the Palace park. The surfacing of the route and the terrain are diffrent therefore you need some endurance to cover it in 1 hour.   


Nature trail  BEAVERS’ KINGDOM (1km) – Jaunanna (Zaķu Island) – the trail leads along the bank of the river Pededze, and it is located in a nature reserve. The trail is interesting for children and youth, as there are a lot of different forest art pieces. The trail leads up to the beautiful Mežtekas hunting palace.