Pils iela 25A, Alūksne, LV-4301

Sauna, countryside spa

Sauna, swimming pool, massages, aerobics. 

+371 29424253

Address: Merķeļa street 16, Alūksne


Sauna house up to 20 persons with small banquet hall. Located near the wood and the pond in the quiet place of our rest complex „Jaunsētas”. Taking Small sauna house allows you to enjoy unforgettable evening in sauna enjoying view to Alūksne lake and the pond which is full of waterlillies.


+371 28650600


The black sauna, the Gipsy’s sauna – heat session, massage session with different leafy bunches, herbal tea drinking, a professional sauna attendant, massages. Accommodation – in a camping heated house with 6-7 beds; tent sites, also an obstacle course across the pond (in summer).

Ilzene rural district

+371 29493596.


Sauna house for celebratings and events for up to 25 people; also as for a peaceful rest with family and friends.
Located on the shore of lake Dzilna, just 5 km from the city of Alūksne.

Accommodation: up to 14 persons.

Phone: +371 25631325

Address: Ziemeri parish, Alūksne region

In Lāzberģis estate there is a guest house with a party hall which can welcome up to 60 guests. Next to it, there is a little sauna and a beer hall which can offer a comfortable recreation for a company of up to 16 people. In the park there is a place for tents, places with tables and benches  for having a picnic and making a fire.   If you like fishing or  want to enjoy the lure of the lake, you can rent one of the boats. 

Phone: +371 29166262

Address: Jaunalūksne parish, Alūksne region



The sauna is located near a charming view of the lake.
In the sauna you will be able to relax body, mind and spirit, to enjoy sauna treatments for several hours.

Phone: +371 26533702

Address: “Saulainie zemgaļi”, Alsviķi parish, Alūksne region

Health sauna  services and sauna massage are offered by a certified bather. Also in offer medicinal teas, nectars (lily of the valley, panties), cranberries with honey, quince syrup…

Phone: +371 29194805

Address: “Jaunozoli”, Māriņkalns parish, Alūksne region

Bather will take care of your well-being, respecting herbal tea, performing heating, steaming and contrast procedures, restoring strength.

Phone: +371 26368966

Address: “Jaunzvirgzdiņi”, Ilzene parish, Alūksne region


The sauna master performs massages with wicker, volcanic and river stones, ancient Latvian sauna rituals, including sauna rituals.

Phone: +371 26302291

Address: “Upītes”, Veclaicene parish, Alūksne region