Pils iela 25A, Alūksne, LV-4301

Horse riding

24 hours – horse riding, horse riding lessons, sports race, 2 training fields, excursions for groups. Booking in advance by phone requested. 

Phone: +371 29884522

Address: Horse riders’ club  “Karva”,

Alsviķi parish, Alūksne region

E-mail: inesehp@inbox.lv

Horseback riding 20.00 EUR. Carriage rides, sledges and sleds 25.00 EUR / h. Excursion around Jaunanna parish in horse-drawn carriage or sleigh 50.00 EUR. Horse ride 10.00 EUR. Saddlery, sheep herd, resting place.
Horse-drawn carriage rides – weddings or other celebrations. (In Aluksne – 100.00 EUR / 2h)

Phone: +371 26484155

Address: “Dekšņi 1”, Jaunanna parish, Alūksnes region

E-mail: alitameijere@inbox.lv

Horse-drawn carriage rides; also for children and a tour of the stud farm. Horse riding 15 EUR / h. Trips in springs or cart 20 EUR / h.

Phone: +371 29412905

Address: “Arāji”, Jaunanna parish, Alūksne region

Horseback riding and rides in a cart in Veclaicene protected landscape  territory. 

Phone: +371 28382899

Address: “Mucenieki”, Veclaicene parish, Alūksne region

“Imanti” Farm offers horseback riding for donations.
Visits must be booked in advance.

Phone: +371 25976381

Address: Karva, Alsviķi rural district

E-mail: imanti@inbox.lv