Pils iela 25A, Alūksne, LV-4301

Thus we manage our farms

Excursions in the deer garden (fallow-deer, mouflons and others), venison, hunting, fishing. Sightseeing around the farm should be booked in advance.  

Liepna rural district

+371 29173540

+371 26341540



Honey bee farm where you can taste and purchase honey of various blossoms.

The seed-plot where you can buy different flowers, decorative shrubs and fruit-trees. A strawberry field. The biggest plum-tree orchard in Latvia. The sightseeing should be booked in advance. 

Jaunalūksne rural district

+371 29425883

+371 26399747



A wild boar enclosure for the training of hounds, a hound farm (Russian huskies, badger-dogs, Latvian hounds), sheep and goat pasture-ground, rabbit-hutches, a horse. An excursion should be booked in advance, entrance fee – donations. 

Karva,  Alsviķi rural district

+371 25976381



The organic farm  offers excursions for bigger and smaller groups during which you can watch wild horses, a pony, ducks, hens, sheep and other domestic animals. We welcome people who like a peaceful recreation in a quiet and picturesque countryside. We also offer a health sauna. Here you can also obtain organic food, handicrafts from sheep wool and different types of  herbal tea. 

The seed-plot where you can obtain seedlings of deciduous trees, shrubs, winter-greens and conifers. The sightseeing around the seed-plot should be booked in advance (price- 0.50 EUR/person or obtaining of a seedling). 

Jaunanna rural district

 +371 26645815



Nature health farms (up to 100 different medical plants), where you can obtain the plants and taste some tea. The sightseeing around the farm is from June till September, and it should be booked in advance. 

Maliena rural district

+371 27843550



Breeding of specific salmon-type fishes, the place for sports fishing. The sightseeing around the farm should be booked in advance. 

Pededze rural district

+371 29407166