Pils iela 25A, Alūksne, LV-4301

Thus we manage our farms

Farmers offer to buy confectionery-
cakes, cakes, pastries and pies.

Phone: +371 29291904

Address: “Saltupji”, Ziemera parish, Aluksne district

E-mail: andacekule@inbox.lv

Beekeepers with bee colonies will provide healthy, ecologically clean bee products for both therapeutic and cosmetic use.
For sale honey, creamy honey, bee bread, pollen, propolis, wax candles, herbal teas.

Phone: +371 29161393

Address: Dienvidu street 18, Jaunlaicene parish, Alūksnes region

E-mail: judite.kaktina@inbox.lv

The hosts offer both to buy beekeeping products and to participate in a candle workshop. The workshop is intended for groups of up to 30 people. Visits must be booked in advance.

Phone: +371 26312131

Address: Anna parish, Alūksne region

It is worth visiting here to buy decorative and practical wooden goods,such a watches, pens, games, souvenirs.
The owner has also created a storage room for antiques! Visits must be booked in advance.
The picturesque and scenic viewing platform has created a great place for tourists with a fireplace and a tent.

Phone: +371 26027823; +371 29168339

E-mail: viksne.janis@inbox.lv

The workshop creates handicrafts and souvenirs of various techniques, the author especially loves non-traditional ones, skillfully experimenting with unusual materials, as well as handicrafts from yarn, fabric, leather, felt.
Visits must be booked in advance.

Phone: +371 22413373

E-mail: aguceagija@gmail.com


Excursions in the deer garden (fallow-deer, mouflons and others), venison, hunting, fishing. Sightseeing around the farm should be booked in advance.  

Phone: +371 29173540, +371 26341540

Address: Liepna rural district, Alūksne region

E-mail: baiba.sniedzane@inbox.lv


Honey bee farm where you can taste and purchase honey of various blossoms.

Phone: +371 29432313

Address: Anna rural district, Alūksne region

Curious and intelligent wild horses who like to sunbathe in the sun. Mud baths are real spa treatments.
Friendly but careful with strangers. In order for this friendship to be useful to each other, then the horses become friends for everyone.
Visits must be booked in advance.

Phone: +371 27819222

Address: Jaunlaicene parish, Alūksne region

The organic farm offers excursions for both larger and smaller groups on its farm, where you can watch wild horses, ponies, ducks, chickens. All those who like a peaceful rest in a quiet and scenically beautiful rural environment are welcome.

Phone: +371 29488925

Address: Veclaicene rural district, Alūksne region

E-mail: gunita.virka@inbox.lv

The seed-plot where you can obtain seedlings of deciduous trees, shrubs, winter-greens and conifers. The sightseeing around the seed-plot should be booked in advance (price- 0.50 EUR/person or obtaining of a seedling). 

Phone: +371 26645815

Address: Jaunanna rural district, Alūksne region

E-mail: veltaziep@inbox.lv

Nature health farms (up to 100 different medical plants), where you can obtain the plants and taste some tea. The sightseeing around the farm is from June till September, and it should be booked in advance. 

Phone: +371 27843550

Address: Maliena rural district, Alūksne region

E-mail: zs.ziemeli2@inbox.lv

Breeding of specific salmon-type fishes, the place for sports fishing. The sightseeing around the farm should be booked in advance. 

Phone: +371 29407166

E-mail: faps@inbox.lv